Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Dodge With No Name (A Cautionary Tale)

Tuesday was a long day.  Normally I get up at 6:00, but this time my alarm was set for 5:00…and I was awake well before that.  I got to work by 5:45.  As Safety Captain for my department, I conducted the “Hazard Surveillance,” meaning that I made sure extension cords weren’t loose, ceiling tiles weren’t falling, and fire extinguishers were properly signed.  Most everything was good, save 18 unapproved space heaters and, most remarkably, a toaster sitting on the floor, plugged in, under someone’s desk.  Holy fire hazard, Batman!

Dan and Gomez ready the boat

After over ten hours at work—and almost 50 calls to me in Customer Service—I at least knew that I had the Duck Dodge that night.  The theme was “Captain’s Choice,” meaning there was no centralized theme.  Lots of crews didn’t dress up at all, including ours.  Those who did, for instance, all wore neckties, decorated for a Mexican fiesta, or hung their entire hull with gold tinsel.  There was even a man dressed up in a pink bunny suit slung in a harness halfway up the mast.

Santa boat

Tinsel boat

Bunny boat...?!?