Monday, June 25, 2012

Logan storms Lake Union again!

Less than one week away now is the Seattle Center for Wooden Boat's annual festival.  Once again, "Pirate Lou" will be educating, fascinating, and frightening the youngsters with Pirate Storytime aboard the tugboat Arthur Foss.  Big up the CWB:  The Festival is five days long this year!!  Funny thing is, I was scheduled--and nearly in print--for all five days until I phoned and told them that I actually have a day job.  So for anyone in tune, in the area, and so inclined, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, at 1:00, I'll be puttin' on my me show.

Two challenges.  One, me chest, heavy with swag (garb, weapons, journal, booty), is in a shed by the carport behind three bicycles and a long set of stairs away from the captain's cabin.  Two, One Reel, the marketing force behind such Seattle pop behemoths as Bumbershoot, has "joined hands" with the CWB for the 4th of July.  I won't sully the partnership with a Planet of the Apes quote--oh, wait, I guess I just did--but if I see even more crass commercialization of the festival than I did last year, I'm gonna commandeer the whole gorram event.  Fortunately, the 4th is outside of my immediate sphere of influence, i.e. I won't be there.

My anti-establishment posturing aside, it'll be fun as always.  Peace ties don't matter here:  It's quick's the word and sharp's the action.

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