Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fiesta al Gomez

This is Gomez

On Tuesday, it was Gomez with us for the Dodge.  On Thursday, it was Gomez, Cap'n Dan, and my coworker Joseph over at our place for a Zzyzx Road Kitchen dinner party.  On Sunday, it was Gomez' turn to host, along with Bernadine, who Gomez lives with and helps take care of.  We were warmly welcomed into a great, big, old house with art everywhere.  Then Gomez went nuts.  Three different types of mimosas--orange, pomegranate, and mango--plus another pack of Bombardier ale.  To eat, scrambled eggs and chorizo, seasoned bacon, and potatoes...even tho' Gomez is vegetarian.  We ate out on the patio with the lake in the distance.  By the time we were done, we were so full we all wanted to nap.

On the lake, everyone really can get along.

Overcoming our drowsiness, Bev and I went down to the Center for the Public Sail.  Lots of people and lots of boats were on the lake to enjoy a fine afternoon.  After hanging out only briefly, Bev and I boarded the Admirable with Gomez and the usual crew of John and Tim, plus Laura (aka "Tinkerbell").  It was a casual cruise.  I did very little, and the wind was as shifty as ever.  Although there were 'patrons,' there were so many volunteers it had a sort of clubhouse vibe.  Comfortable.

Gomez (facing away), John (in back), Tim, and Laura aboard the Admirable

Just another classic CWB moment
and another

Back at the dock, the 'club' retired to John's Daisy.  Gomez brought out the morning's leftovers and disguised the mimosas as "tea" in mugs.  Summer social at the Center.  Bev and I mostly just relaxed as John told of cruising adventures involving friendly otters and intelligent whales.  We were slated to go out on the Amie, but it was Bev's turn to be tired.  We headed home.

Cap'n John and guests, enjoying "tea."

Then we got stuck for over an hour just short of our homeward exit when they closed the entirety of southbound I-5.  Bev and I eventually learned that there was a three-car accident that was the end of a shootout and chase that had started at a community event in Seward Park:  It wasn't just a crash scene, it was a crime scene.  Eventually they opened up one lane, and we all squeaked through.  Tho' I was now exhausted and thirsty, it had been a good day.  Thanks, Gomez!

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  1. Oh man, what a day. And the weather was gorgeous. Thank you for taking me on a "mini-vacation", Lou; wish we were there :)