Saturday, August 6, 2011

The best cocktail container ever

One, it's recycled.  This is an Atlas jar that then became a sauce jar which has now become a jar to get sauced with.  Drink and be green!

Two, it shuts.  It can fall over.  It can be a shaker. It can go in the drink but still be your drink.  It keeps things like limes and carbonation fresh.  And it keeps out what I call "float planes," insects that fly but like to park in the water...or your booze.

Three, it's glass.  None of the funky tastes that come from plastic, Lexan, or (brr!) metal.  It's proper, tho' I'll admit that it's more BBQ joint than Ritz.

Four, you can always get another one.  Do you think highball glasses are in endless supply?  How many Crate & Barrels will you be able to find after the zombie acopalypse, unless you end up in the right mall?  There will always be a grocery store to raid.  You'll be able to get your non-spoiling food supply and, after dinner, a cup for your bathtub hooch.

OK, this may not be original, but today, as we made a 60-inch plastic kiddie pool into an adult escape--a $13.99 hot tub?--this jar became beautifully practical.  So go make some spaghetti, run the empty jar through the dishwasher, and then put your favorite beverage in your newly repurposed wonder.

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