Monday, March 28, 2011

Kalakala update

I found this hidden in the comments to KOMO News' coverage of the Kalakala's current predicament:

"I volunteered my help on the Kalakala yesterday. I found someone had intentionally destroyed the power line to the ship at an unknown time. When this happened it shuts down all lighting and pumps that drain out the accumulated rain water from the heavy rains. As you see, the ship is resting on the shore line and at 6pm last night the Kalakala was afloat on its own. This is not the first time the power cord has been intensionally destroyed and we have not found out who did this evil actions on a worlds famous ship that helped tens of thousands of people when it was in full operation. The owner has a very few volunteers to help maintain the ship. The state officials have made it very difficult to work on the ship so I put the blame on them."

Meanwhile, this commentary at the Tacoma News Tribune is arguing that the only way to save the "dream" of the Kalakala is that "that remnant of a great vessel must be put out of its misery in short order."  The author states that the "idea" of the Kalakala must be distinguished from the "actual hulk," the latter being best given back to "the element she belongs to."

In other words, we have a hardworking volunteer corps that is besieged not only by dumbass saboteurs but also naysayers masquerading as romantics who think that she's not worth it anymore and should be, well, euthanized.

Don't know about you, but the answer to preservation is generally more work by those who actually care...NOT debates about whether death with dignity is the final answer.  This is heritage, not a terminally ill patient.

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