Thursday, March 24, 2011


No, wait, that's Teddy KGB, aka John Malkovich, in Rounders!

Last night I dropped by the local Safeway to get a six pack and discovered that Widmer has taken a shot at a Russian Imperial Stout they call "KGB."  I am a BIG fan of this style.  I fell in love with North Coast's Rasputin many years ago, and when Zanne got me my starter kit for homebrewing she wisely set me up for a Russian Imperial which turned out very well and was named "Kievan Rus."  The pic above I used for the label.

I will strongly recommend "KGB" for fans of the dark.  Although the styles Widmer makes are not usually ones I choose, their Russian Imperial Stout is very good and drinkable.  And at 9% alcohol, how can you go wrong?  Get it while you can.  Na zdorovye!

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