Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Kalakala seems OK: an eyewitness report

With little more direction than a Google Maps location, Zanne and I went in search of the Kalakala today.  First we went around on Marine View Drive, and peering around a refinery we saw where she was.  There was no good photo spot.  We backtracked and went out into the port on Taylor, thinking this was actually the way to the boat.  We were right, although we could still get no better view than a peek between buildings.

I am happy to report that--at least with the tide in--she appeared upright and on an even keel.  The news has been painfully quiet about the Kalakala lately, and since Zanne and I were already out for the opening of the Olympia Farmers Market (and a run to Sonic) we decided to go see her ourselves.  Don't call her a trashy hulk:  She's still beautiful.  And she's afloat.

By the way, if anyone knows if and how to get to the Kalakala, or at least a decent place for a picture, PLEASE leave a comment...

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