Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rum recipe: The Nassau Chaise

I was going through my pocket notebook, writing in my (other) Journal, and came across this cocktail recipe from a few weeks ago:
--Sailor Jerry rum.  This is second only to Cruzan Aged as my stock rum.
--Coco Solo.  This is a coconut-flavored soda that you can often find at the local Latin market. It's from Cuba, where Coco Solo is the name of a neighborhood in Havana.
--sweet lime.  This tastes almost like tangerine...a lot less tart than a regular lime, something you could actually eat raw (tho' I knew plenty Tejanos in San Antonio that ate raw limes).  It's apparently very popular in the Middle East and India, tho' it's originally from Southeast Asia.
--ginger ale, just to cut.  You could leave this out if you wanted the Coco Solo to take over, but keep in mind the Coco Solo is strong in coconut flavor.

This has a lot of flavors going on, not in the least because it's using spiced rum, and I leave it to the mixer's discretion how to proportion and which flavor you want to dominate.  I named this concoction Nassau Chaise because I was picturing this as drink in hand while reclining in the Bahamas.  I didn't know until after that a Nassau chaise is actually a style of chaise longue.

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