Friday, April 15, 2011

North of Dutch Harbor...

"I have a deep, depressing feeling of impending gloom."
--Captain Johnathan Hillstrand of the F/V Time Bandit.

This pretty much sets the tone for the new season of "Deadlest Catch."  After only a quick nod to Captain Phil Harris, we're right into the king crab season...and it's war.  Bad weather, bad fishing, bad relations between crew and Captain (aboard the Cornelia Marie, natch), and bad luck:  Viewers get another gripping Coast Guard helicopter rescue after a crewman on the cargo ship Ever Unique breaks his neck.

There are also two new boats, the Seabrooke and the Ramblin' Rose.  The Seabrooke interests me the most, with its young skipper--Capt. Scott Campbell is only 36 but has already run the boat for 10 years!--and new-breed attitude.  I was also surprised to find that Native American deckhand Mac White is not Aleut but Dineh!

So, luckily, Fred Meyer has Rogue's Captain Sig's Northwestern Ale on sale again.  Pour one, sit back, and watch the most insane mariners ever do sea and with the sea.


  1. You are such a sexy pirate. Will you move to the Outer Hebrides and marry me?

  2. Aye, lassie, ye be fetchin'. I pledge me troth (whatever that is). Will ye tend me sheep while I'm at sea?

  3. Yeah, I'm still perplexed by the latitude of the Ever Unique. I'm attributing it to "the arc" that planes take. Still, weird. The Bering Sea is not a good place for huge contships.

    And what about the 28-year-old skipper? Can't remember his name. I really like the Sefety First attitude of Capt. Campbell. And totally mellow - he hasn't verbally abused anyone on his crew yet.

    And can there be anyone more white trash than the Harris brothers?

  4. The Ever Unique is 285m long, ie 935 ft. I know that container ships are commonly that big, but WOW.