Monday, October 22, 2012

Great flavors that taste great together

Just a quick recommendation...

You, dear reader, may already be a fan of the show Once Upon A Time.  If not, you should be, as it is a truly enchanting piece of entertainment.  It is now just into its second season; the first has been out on DVD for a couple of months, if you want to catch up.  I bring this up now as it has now gone piratical.  In the latest episode, they have introduced none other than my original pirate, Captain Hook!  I will give away nothing, just urge you to seek it out via On Demand, online, etc.  If you have already watched it, feel free to leave a note on how you liked the show's spin on Hook.  And, just to make it even cooler, our good Lady Washington appears, under sail and all, as Hook's ship.  Magic, piracy, tall ships, swordplay, taverns...  More, please! 

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