Friday, October 19, 2012

Just a little Bok

Short post today, as I'm not feeling great, and the next post--Logan, Pt. IV--requires some heavy writing.

I have recommended Gordon Bok twice during the "Songs of Logan" series.  Two days ago I got his latest CD in the mail, Because You Asked.  It is an album with new recordings of his most requested songs, tho' not all of them have been on CD before.  Last night before bed I turned off all the lights and slipped into headphones.  It was like being at a live show, and it was very comfortable.  Bok, being equal parts artist and folklorist, is not be any means limited to maritime topics, tho' there are a few good original sea songs on the CD, including the witty "Old Fat Boat."  I'll urge you again to go check Bok out over at Timberhead Music.  It is also on iTunes.

Unfortunately, online Bok is scarce.  Luckily, what may well be his masterpiece is on You Tube, the song-tale "Peter Kagan and the Wind."  In short, it is the story of a dory fisherman far offshore fighting wind and weather to get home again.  It is a tad epic--fifteen minutes--but so full of atmosphere and drama that you won't notice the time going by.  The YouTube video is below, and you can read the words here.

So turn off the lights, listen, and feel the cold snow, the shifting, bitter wind, and the swells...

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